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ASDQMS Hardware Partnership with Ono-Sokki!


ASDQMS Hardware Partnership with Ono-Sokki!

Source: Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS)
Dated: Oct 18, 2011

Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) believes in a high standard of quality for our data collection
interfaces, and we expect no less from companies we partner with.

In addition to ASDQMS’s innovation and cutting edge patent pending product development, we also have
long standing and solid hardware partnerships with several gage manufacturers. One such partnership is
with Ono-Sokki, a leading manufacturer of measuring and testing instrumentation.

The Ono Sokki EG-225 Digital Linear Gage with Lug back is their most popular gage, and ASDQMS has
developed and customized products specifically for it! It has several features, including Preset capability,
Zero/ABS function, Rechargeable battery, AGD Group II dimensions, Output capability, Adjustable
measuring force, Speedy Data transfer speed of 1.6 ms, and many more.

Interfacing the Ono-Sokki EG-225 Digital Linear Gage with ASDQMS’s data collection interfaces is
simple, and converts the output into standard RS232, Mitutoyo, USB, or Keyboard format (depending on
the ASDQMS interface you are using). This hardware partnership highlights how easy and effortless it is to
interface different types of gages with ASDQMS’s wide variety of products.

The Ono Sokki EG225 Digital Linear Gage can be used with ASDQMS’s SmartCable Keyboard by
connecting it to the PC’s USB port; the readings are then entered into any windows application,
spreadsheet, or internet explorer web browser program as if they were manually entered by keyboard! Users
can configure the SmartCable Keyboard to enter carriage return or tab after each reading is sent to the
computer. It’s that easy, and no software wedges are required!

ASDQMS also developed a SmartCable USB just for the Ono Sokki EG225 Digital Linear Gage that
connects any single gage to a PC’s USB port, and can make the gage appear as a virtual RS232 serial port.
Want to add more gages? No problem! You can add more gages as you need using the Opto Shelf USB
hub. You can use your favorite SPC program or custom programs to interface directly to the gage. One of
the neat features we support is remote reset, zero, and hold functions. In addition to these features, we also
support MAX, MIN, and TIR calculations. Readings can be triggered from the PC using host commands,
the optional footswitch jack, or you can always use the handy pushbutton on the SmartCable USB itself. It
comes in a cool blue translucent case, and draws power directly from the PC’s USB port. Together, the Ono
Sokki EG 225 Digital Linear Gage and ASDQMS SmartCable USB can read data and send it faster than
any gage on the planet!

The next product ASDQMS designed for the Ono Sokki EG 225 Digital Linear Gage is the Flash Cable – it
converts the Ono Sokki EG225 to digimatic output, and can connect to any device with digimatic input.
You can multiplex a bunch of EG225’s using our GageMux USB. The simple Flash Cable gets power from
the digimatic device, and has a handy LED that flashes green or red to help the user know if the reading
was sent to the PC, and if power is available!

Want a visual demonstration of everything that was just discussed? Keep an eye on the ASDQMS TV
Network for one of the latest episodes about our partnership with Ono Sokki!

Ono Sokki Partnership

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