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Hardware Partnerships


Advanced Systems & Designs has partnered with Starrett, private labeling our products for their long standing company - Starrett manufactures quality precision tools, gages, and instruments, as well as saw blade products, and their customers use our single and multiple input gage interfaces.


Plex Systems

Advanced Systems & Designs has partnered with Plex Systems, a provider of SPC software (Plex Online Software as a Service - SaaS - ERP), and provides Plex users with our Keyboard interfaces (SmartCable USB Keyboard, GageMux USB Keyboard) for effortless data entry into their high quality software.


Accurate Technology, Inc.

Advanced Systems & Designs has partnered with Accurate Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of linear measuring products based on capacitive encoding or inductive encoding technology, to provide customers with interfaces for their ProScales.


Ono Sokki

Advanced Systems & Designs has partnered with Ono Sokki Technologies, a leading manufacturer of measuring and testing instrumentationmanufactures gage interfaces, and has manufactured gage interfaces for Ono Sokki's EG-225 Digital Linear Gage.