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Why Reinvent the Wheel? Let ASDQMS Private Label Products For You!

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Why Reinvent the Wheel .. Let ASDQMS Private Label Our Products For You!

Source: Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS)
Dated: Sep 06, 2011

Avoid the time, money and risk involved in updating your outdated gage interface or SPC data collection
system and creating new products – ASDQMS can customize and private label our products for you so you
can go to market immediately!

Are you looking for specialized and individualized solutions for your data collection problems? Do you
have an outdated product that you’re looking to update or reinvent but don’t want to spend the time and
money involved with R&D (research and development)? Don’t reinvent the wheel yourself – let Advanced
Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS) design, build, and customize the products you need for you!

In addition to being dedicated to being on the cutting edge of the technological front for all of our products,
ASDQMS is also dedicated to our customers’ unique needs – product customization has always been a core
service of ASDQMS. We can provide specialized gage interfaces, wireless, Bluetooth, Mitutoyo UWAVE,
serial, USB and USB Keyboard solutions and even private label them for you. We take the risk, time, and
money involved in product development out of the equation; all you have to do is sell to an existing market!
With ASDQMS’s extensive experience and expertise in gage protocols and convention, we have developed
OEM products for a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, and food industries,
and even manufacturers of electronic gages. Yours could be next!

ASDQMS can even offer custom variations of our standard products with as low as 10 pieces. Need a
different color, or custom software features? No problem! These custom changes can be engineered quickly
and economically. In addition, we offer OEM private labeling, from a simple label change to a completely
new label, case color, manuals, and packaging. Every single one of your needs can truly be accommodated
with ASDQMS, from the engineering down to the aesthetics.

While getting the custom solutions you and your industry need, you are also doing your part in the
Greening of America – all of our products are designed to be economical AND environmentally friendly
(GREEN based). The new GageMux and SmartCable USB models include power saving modes as well as
designs using GREEN manufacturing processes and components. We’re trying to do our part in saving this
planet for our children, down to your customized data collection solutions!

Avoid reinventing the wheel yourself, and call us today for a FREE quote for your customized and private
labeled data collection solutions!

ASDQMS (Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc.) and its 25 years experience in data-collection application
and integration can help you eliminate the high cost of inconsistent quality by controlling your shop floor
with SPC Software, Gage interfaces, Genesis Roving Data Collectors, Wireless Data Transfer and Gage
Cables. Contact one of our consulting engineers, right now, to find out how ASDQMS can help your
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company. Contact the corporate offices at 248-370-9919.

You may visit ASDQMS on the Web at http://www.spcanywhere.com, and visit ASDQMS’s TV Network
at http://www.youtube.com/advancedsystemsanddesigns