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Changing the Face of Gage Interface Marketing - ASDQMS's TV Network

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Changing the Face of Gage Interface Marketing - ASDQMS's TV Network

Source: Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS)
Dated: Aug 18, 2011

ASDQMS is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge, and that includes allowing our customers to have a
firsthand, exclusive look at their products!

Connecting your gage via USB or Keyboard and want more information? We are always coming up with
innovative ways to spread the word about our gage to USB and Keyboard output products. Tired of reading
long and complicated manuals and brochures about data collection interfaces? With the ASDQMS TV
Network, all the information you need about our products is just a mouse click away, and you can get a
firsthand look at the product before you buy it. We are changing the face of gage interface marketing, one
ASDQMS TV Network episode at a time!
http://www.youtube.com/advanced systems and designs

With the ASDQMS TV Network, we have come up with a unique platform to showcase Advanced
Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS) products, from our GageMuxes to SmartCables to SPC Software.
Now, instead of just reading about them, you can literally see how they work, and how simple and
effortless it is to interface them with countless other gages (Ono Sokki, Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, CDI,
Fowler, Starrett, and many, many more!).

Among the different episodes of the ASDQMS TV Network, there are not only product demonstrations of
our various data collection interfaces (GageMuxes, SmartCables, FlashCables, etc.), but customer
testimonials and hardware partnership episodes as well! Our range and variety of episodes truly
demonstrates what a well rounded company we are, and how dedicated we are to product development and
quality customer service within the quality control industries. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly
positive – Mark from Michigan wrote, “The videos are great! Not only are they professional looking and
informative, but they also put a new spin on gage interface marketing. The testimonials especially gave me
confidence in ASDQMS. Keep those episodes coming!”

Just as we are constantly developing and updating our products, we are also always updating our episodes
with new information, products, customers, partnerships, etc., so be sure to keep an eye out for new

ASDQMS (Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc.) and its 25 years experience in data-collection application

and integration can help you eliminate the high cost of inconsistent quality by controlling your shop floor
with SPC Software, Gage interfaces, Genesis Roving Data Collectors, Wireless Data Transfer and Gage
Cables. Contact one of our consulting engineers, right now, to find out how ASDQMS can help your
company. Contact the corporate offices at 248-370-9919.

You may visit ASDQMS on the Web at http://www.spcanywhere.com, and visit ASDQMS’s TV Network
at http://www.youtube.com/advanced systems and designs