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ASDQMS Hardware Partnership with Accurate Technology!


ASDQMS Hardware Partnership with Accurate Technology!

Source: Advances Systems & Designs, Inc. (ASDQMS)
Dated: Oct 18, 2011

Advanced Systems & Designs (ASDQMS) believes in a high standard of quality for our data collection
interfaces, and expects no less from companies we partner with.

In addition to ASDQMS’s innovation and cutting edge patent pending product development, we also have
long standing and solid hardware partnerships with several gage manufacturers. We are happy to announce
that one such partnership is with Accurate Technology, a manufacturer of linear measuring products based
on capacitive encoding or inductive encoding technology!

As mentioned, Accurate Technology (ATI) manufactures linear measuring products, one of which is their
ProScale. ProScales are affordable measuring systems designed to make linear measurements with speed,
accuracy, and repeatability – all important things on the shop floor! ATI’s “fractions to 10 microns”
measuring range provides users with repeatable measurement and positioning capabilities with data and
control output. They manufacture 6 different ProScale models, and guess what? ASDQMS developed our
SmartCable Keyboard and SmartCable USB to be compatible and function with ATI’s ProScale!

With the ASDQMS SmartCable Keyboard, you can send data to any windows application, spreadsheet, or
even internet explorer or web browser program and make the readings from ATI’s ProScale look like they
were typed in using the keyboard! The SmartCable Keyboard converts the readings’ keystrokes and appears
to the PC as another keyboard. It’s that easy to use! Also, the user can configure the SmartCable to enter
carriage return or tab after the reading is sent to the PC using the internal rotary switch in the interface.

Do you want to connect your ProScale to the USB ports on your PC? You can use the ASDQMS
SmartCable USB to do so, without any messy USB adapters! Our device will appear as another virtual
RS232 serial on your PC.

When interfacing with ATI’s ProScale, you can send data using the pushbutton on the SmartCable
Keyboard, or send data using the ProScale send button and even use an external footswitch to trigger the
readings to the PC! Using ASDQMS’s SmartCables with ATI’s ProScale is effortless and efficient, truly a
seamless partnership.


ASDQMS (Advanced Systems & Designs, Inc.) and its 25 years experience in data-collection application
and integration can help you eliminate the high cost of inconsistent quality by controlling your shop floor
with SPC Software, Gage interfaces, Genesis Roving Data Collectors, Wireless Data Transfer and Gage
Cables. Contact one of our consulting engineers, right now, to find out how ASDQMS can help your
company. Contact the corporate offices at 248-370-9919.

You may visit ASDQMS on the Web at www.spcanywhere.com, and visit ASDQMS’s TV Network at
www.youtube.com/advancedsystemsanddesigns, which has video demonstrations of our patent pending products.